Woman storing her winter clothes for the spring and summer seasons
Our Best Advice For Packing Away Your Winter Clothing
Sort & Wash
The first thing you’ll want to do is separate your winter clothing, so you can organize and de-clutter. Once you have it all separated, it’s time to wash the winter clothes, especially if there are stains because if those are left alone for months, they will be nearly impossible to get rid of when it’s time to take them out again.
Right Storage
If you’re going to store your winter wardrobe, you’ll want to use storage that offers proper ventilation to get them through the summer months. The best places to store your wardrobe would be in a spare closet or under your bed because you want to avoid humidity issues.
Avoid Disfiguration
There is a proper way to store your clothes depending on the material, so if you have knit sweaters, don’t keep them on hangers for too long. In this case, you should use garment bags, so you can fold them and avoid disfiguration.