Close up of woman applying a face powder with a large makeup brush
Our Best Face Powder Application Tips For A Perfectly Matte Look
When To Use It
It might be confusing when you should be using face powder and how to apply it. Luckily, there are a few ways to use powder; some people prefer to wait until their makeup is done before applying powder and others like to layer it in the middle of the makeup process, but it’s great for oily skin.
Different Types
A face powder can come either as a loose or pressed powder. A loose powder is a fine, light powder that has a consistency similar to sifted flour, while a pressed powder comes in a compact container, much like a powder foundation or blush.
Beauty Tool
Brushes, sponges, and powder puffs are the three main beauty tools for applying powder. If you want a natural matte finish, opt for a large makeup brush with soft bristles; a blending sponge is great for a more concentrated application; and a powder puff is great if you want to pat the powder into your face instead of blending it out.
Apply Less
When it comes to applying face powder, less is more because the fine particles of powder fall into every crack and line in your skin. The more powder you use, the more emphasis you put on your skin texture, which is beautiful and should be embraced, but it’s best to let it shine.
Focus On T-Zone
The T-zone is the oiliest part of the face, so that’s where you’ll want to apply more powder to achieve a matte finish. Once the T-zone is done, you can focus on other parts of the face and apply the powder as needed, depending on your skin type.