Woman combing wet hair
Our Best Tips For Safely Detangling Your Hair Without Dreaded Damage
Get Your Hair Wet And Use Conditioner
It’s best to detangle your hair while it’s wet as this gives the hair some slip and makes it easier to comb. Use products that add moisture like a deep conditioner or a hair mask.
Use The Right Detangling Tools
A detangling comb is not a one-size fits all solution. Wide tooth combs are for all types of hair, detangling brushes are for thick hair, and loop brushes are for hair extensions.
Start From The Ends
To properly untangle your hair, divide it into sections and start combing the bottom inches. As the tangles come out, continue to work your way higher toward your scalp.
Fight Damaged Hair
Hair that is brittle and weak from harsh treatment might need more attention in and out of the shower from hydrating and strengthening products that can help you revive your hair.
Use Leave-In Conditioner
The purpose of leave-in conditioner is to make it easier to untangle and style your hair while keeping it shiny, soft and healthy. It can also help prevent damage from hot tools.
Usually, a leave-in conditioner is applied straight out of the shower to the mids and ends of towel-dried hair before being combed through the hair with a detangling comb.