Women’s blue dress, leather purse and sunglasses placed on the out on a wooden floor as an ensemble
Our Guide To Semi-Formal Wedding Dressing
Cocktail Dress
You can’t go wrong with cocktail dresses because they’re playful and glamorous enough for you to appear fashionable. Some cocktail dresses might show too much skin, so be mindful that you get something classy for a wedding.
Maxi Dress
A semi-formal wedding isn’t the place to wear your sparkly, floor-length gown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear any long dresses. Consider wearing a light, minimalistic maxi dress featuring a solid hue or a subtle pattern to exude elegant energy without being too fancy.
Chic Jumpsuit
Jumpsuits are so popular that even some brides choose to wear jumpsuits instead of dresses. As a guest at a semi-formal wedding, there shouldn’t be any problem with you wearing a jumpsuit, as long as the piece is stylish and fits you well.