Outdated Ballet Flat Looks You Should Leave In The Past
No Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are no longer a good fit with ballet flats. If you’re looking to style these shoes, pair them with straight-fit jeans because they will make the denim look more feminine; the transition between denim and show will also be smoother.
No Bulky Hems
Puddle pants might be trending, but they are not a great option to wear with ballet flats because bulky hems or wide-flared pants will cover the shoe. However, if you choose to wear looser pants, make sure the hem is not too bulky and doesn’t cover the whole shoe.
No Maxi Skirts
Maxi skirts are a popular choice for a more modest and bohemian look, but this season, more grunge looks are coming into play. "Ballerina sleaze" is an aesthetic trending on TikTok, so trade in your maxi skirt for shorter styles.
No Rounded Toes
If you want to add class to your outfit, opt for a pointed-toe shoe instead of a rounded toe. Rounded shoes are often seen as casual whereas pointed shoes are seen as dressier and still very comfortable.
No Cap-Toe Flats
Ballet flats with socks or leg warmers are more of a grunge take on the ballet flats, which balances off the ballerina sleaze trend. This trend can often be styled as a replacement for the preppy and once-trendy cap-toe flats.