Outdated Preppy Fashion Trends And More Modern Alternatives
Fitted Rugby Polo Tops
Fitted Rugby tops had their moment when they were paired with skinny jeans and flats, but now fitted Rugby tops are being swapped for oversized and cropped versions. Use an oversized shirt to style with your favorite straight-leg jeans and sneakers, or dress up your Rugby t-shirt with a chic midi skirt, leather jacket, and heels or boots.
Knee-Length Pleated Skirts
Now that mini skirts are taking over, the knee-length look doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Mini skirts with a cropped sweater vest or polo with knee-high socks and heels creates the perfect fit for any girls-night-out, while a black pleated skirt with a darker-toned button-down and loafers will make the ideal edgy outfit.
Layered Sweater Vests
Instead of layering a sweater vest over a collared button-down, the fashionistas have started wearing the vests by themselves for a fresh look. Style it with any trousers, jeans, or skirt, and experiment with different patterns and colors for your vest to achieve your desired level of preppiness.
Tights With Any Shoe
Once upon a time, no preppy outfit was complete without the tights and shoe combo, but now the tights have been replaced with knee-high or ankle-length socks. Preppy loafers are the quintessential shoes for the preppy fashion style, and you can get away with any shoe/sock combo if it matches your statement preppy pieces.
Tucked-In Button-Downs
Tight-fitting button-down shirts are being swapped for oversized versions for a more casual look. Easily style oversized button-downs by buttoning half of the shirt and tucking one side into wide-leg jeans, or you can create an edgy look with a black corset layered over your oversized button-down paired with a matching mini skirt.