A woman walking in an oversized red coat and black sunglasses
Oversized Everything Is 2024's Biggest Trend - How To Wear It Right
Fashion from the Y2K era and the '90s has reemerged, and plenty mix comfort with style. Oversized items are chic but use these tips for smart styling.
Slim Inside
Prevent looking overwhelming by pairing an oversized blazer with a tight-fitting top underneath for a flattering fit or cinch the waist for a defined hourglass figure.
Sweater Dress
A sweater a few sizes larger can be a chic, edgy dress or tunic paired with sneakers or boots for an intentional high-fashion look, or wear it as a tunic with shorts.
Max Out
Style your oversized piece with other larger items for an intentionally cohesive look, like large sweaters with baggy jeans. Wear it with slim footwear, like ballet flats.
'90s Jeans
Loose, baggy jeans are still in style. Pair with a form-fitting top for a balanced look or with a baggy top tucked into the jeans for a chic style finish.
Hot Pants
Either wearing no pants or appearing like you're wearing no pants with an oversized, chunky sweater looks edgy and fashionable.
Blanket Scarf
Blanket scarves are a trend that'll certainly complete your spring 2024 looks and will keep you warm when it’s cold. An oversized scarf also works in any weather.