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Pastel French Tips Are The Minimalist Way To Embrace Spring Colors
Timeless Almond
Pastel French tips on almond-shaped nails are elegant and fun — really the two major benefits of this nail style. The almond shape gives you enough space to show off the pretty pastel colors while keeping a more manageable length for your day-to-day life.
Square-Shaped Nails
A full coat of color can feel a bit too showy to some, especially since square nails already have a bold look. Square French tips are clean and traditional, and the perfect way to add color without overwhelming the look.
Long Acrylics
If you want to give more space for captivating pastel hues, try this nail style on extra-long nails because the extra space makes the colors hard to miss. Maybe these nails aren't the most practical, but they sure are pretty — well worth the sacrifice if you love the glamorous look of long nails.
Short And Sweet
Although we can see the appeal of having long, short nails are just as stunning as their longer counterparts. On short nails, pastel French tips look clean and put-together, but best of all, they're still totally practical for those of us who need or want to keep
our nails trimmed.
Pale Yellow
Spring is coming, flowers are blooming, and the sun is coming out — match that sunny and optimistic feeling by getting yellow nails (or this yellow French tip if a full wash of yellow feels too much). A couple of little nail gems add a nice finishing touch.