Peep These Eyewear Trends That Will Be Everywhere
In 2023
Environmentally Friendly
Fast fashion seems unavoidable these days, but “many companies are making a large effort to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint,” says eyewear designer Lihi Kopel. For example, Eco Eyewear’s stylish Laguna sunglasses are made of recycled ocean plastics and sell for just $95.
Simple Metal Frames
According to Sunglass Hut trend expert Heather Feldman, “Metal frames are back, silver especially.” Metal frames are a great way to keep it simple; anyone who wants to explore this trend should check out the unisex Ember Square Silver eyeglasses, available for $22 at Eyebuydirect.
Timeless Black Frames
Black goes with everything and is never out of style, so you can’t go wrong with black glasses or sunglasses. In 2023, black eyewear will probably be trendier than ever thanks to Hailey Bieber, who posted an Instagram of her wearing bold black cat eye frames in one photo and a rectangular black pair in another.
Classic Cat-Eyes
SOJOS Vision says that chic cat-eye frames are going to be significant in 2023, as these designs typically flatter women’s faces, especially when they wear their hair up. Even the iconic Marilyn Monroe wore a cat-eye frame, so get ready to see many embracing the cat-eye style in 2023.
Glasses With A Tint
A hint of color in the lenses will be trendy in 2023, especially in warm hues like reds and yellows. If you want a fun pair of tinted eyewear, check out the Moore Rose gold Retro-Vintage Metal Round Tinted Sunglasses, available at Yesglasses for under $70.