Close up of a woman wearing three an earring stack in her three ear piercings
Perfect Your Earring Stack With These Pro Tips
While there are many ways to stack earrings, there are no real rules when it comes to creating the perfect stack. All you need are your favorite hoops, studs, huggie earrings, or cuffs to make the look unique to you; however, if you’re feeling stuck, you can use these tips to create a game-changing stack.
The Cascading Approach
The cascading method requires you to wear dangly pieces on your first couple of piercings and then continue stacking with huggies. You can, as shown in the image, choose effortless accents like gold and pink to make your stack look elegant and dreamy.
Try Different Textures
If you have every piercing in the book, this blue and gold stack with an assortment of smaller studs along the upper half of the ear and snazzy petite huggies along the lower half is a great option. This stack works well with having a few larger pieces surrounded by multiple smaller pieces.
The Silver Stack
If you tend to wear more silver jewelry, you can show that off through your earring stacks without worrying about creating different textures. Like the stack in the picture, you can add a tint of another color, turquoise here, and even create a theme with your earrings.
Cuffs Over Piercings
Since cuffs are designed to look like every other earring, they're ideal for incorporating into a stack. They are great for balancing out any empty spaces along the center of your ear if you have a low pain tolerance and only have piercings at the top or bottom of your ear.