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Pink Setting Powder Could Be The Answer To All Your Redness Woes
Pink setting powder is exactly what it sounds like, and after being popularized by Kylie Jenner and internet influencers, just about every makeup brand has gotten in on the trend.
This powder is great for battling acne scars. Acne leaves behind slightly gray or green-toned marks on fair skin, and pink-toned powder can brighten these marks.
Pink setting powder can also help those with cool skin tones deal with all-over redness. After applying concealer, use a pink setting powder to remove any yellow undertones.
Unfortunately, the hack isn't equal across all skin tones. It works best for those with light to medium complexions, but it can brighten a look if used sparingly on darker skin.
The real magic of pink setting powder is its ability to cancel green tones under the eyes, which are usually found in people with lighter skin tones and cooler undertones.
To use pink powder, first apply foundation and concealer a shade or two lighter than your undereyes. After blending, set generously with the powder before wiping away the product.