Happy female smiling and browsing social media on cellphone while resting in bed near brick wall in morning at home.
Plot Twist: You Can Doomscroll Without Tarnishing Your Sleep. Here's How
Get Enough Daylight
The best way to get your body used to the screen’s blue light at night is to charge your body during the day by going outside and getting plenty of sunlight. The sun emits blue light naturally, so soaking up the rays allows your body to absorb blue light easier at night without disrupting your sleep.
Have Lit Dinners
If you have a terrible habit of doomscrolling at night, increasing light around dinnertime can prevent negative effects from screen time before bed. By continuously exposing your body to bright light in the evening, your melatonin production will slow down and prepare itself for when your surroundings will be darker.
Blue Light Glasses
If you want to use your electronics before bed, invest in orange, red, or amber-tinted glasses so they can help block out the blue light and allow your body to produce melatonin even when you’re doomscrolling. Wear the glasses only at night instead of all day so your mind can keep a strict contrast between day and night.