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Polycule: Your Guide To The Non-Monogamous Relationship Structure
What’s A Polycule
Just as a molecule is a group of particles that are bonded together, a polycule is a polyamorous relationship structure that's bonded together, often by one person — that person being like a nucleus and others within that group are electrons. However, while there are a bunch of people within the network, not everyone sleeps with each other.
More Than One Type
While there's no one way to have a polycule, just as there's no one way to have a relationship, polycules usually find themselves being one of three types: a V, a triad, or a quad. Within a V polycule, there is a “hinge,” who’s a person with two partners that aren’t intimate with each other. With triads and quads, everyone is an equal partner.
Not Always About Sex
For some groups of friends, organizing their network as a polycule works for them even if everything is strictly platonic between everyone involved. For example, there is one (or more people) at the center of the friend network, who has friends who may not be friends with each other but are friends with the people at the center.
Hierarchies Aren’t Necessary
Like a molecule, the polycule can have every person be held together through their own bond with someone else, but having one primary non-monogamous relationship at the center of the polycule doesn’t always have to be the case. A primary relationship doesn’t always have to exist for a polycule to work well.
Is A Polycule For You?
A polycule is like a family tree where the branches are all bonds that link people who are in some form of polyamorous relationship. Before you consider a polycule, figure out your thoughts on open relationships, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, and especially if you can be happy if your partner’s needs can be fulfilled by someone else.