Photo of surprised young woman  with professional comic pop art make-up and design manicure. Creative beauty style and nails. Photos shot in studio
Pop Art Nails Are The Most Animated Spring Manicure Trend
The pop art design looks just as incredible on clear nails as it does on colored ones. If you love the idea of funky and eye-catching nails but hate having to commit to a color, or if you prefer your nails natural, this might be a way for you to get the best of both worlds.
Pastel nails are always a trend when springtime comes around, but if you want something different, pop art nails will look great. While you can go with just one pastel color, opting for five different ones is a lot more fun.
Valentine’s Day
With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, making pop art creations with a Valentine's Day theme is a wonderful way to express love. Don't forget to include some hearts if you want to really embrace the romantic nature of the holiday.
Red Plaid
When it comes to pop art nails, you can get as creative as you want, so your nails don’t have to be all the same. Plaid is an interesting way to use this trend and it would look great in any color if red isn’t your favorite.
Most pop art designs use black polish for the graphic lines, but it’s not the only option. The graphic lines can be done in any color, and using white or gray for them looks really good if the base color of the nails is on the darker side.