a woman smudging makeup over her face
Pre-Shower Makeup Is All Over TikTok Right Now. Here's What To Know About The Trend
TikTok girlies are experimenting with pre-shower makeup. It’s the chance to try new makeup aesthetics, products, and techniques without the added pressure of going out.
Your makeup will wash off in the shower, so there’s no better time than to experiment with looks, whether you want to try out a hot pink blush or dramatic eyeliner.
This act could serve as a form of makeup therapy. Aesthetician Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta says knowing “which product to apply on our face is a form of control in our beauty process.”
This TikTok trend brings makeup lovers together. One user commented on a pre-shower makeup video, “Learning other people do this just made my day.”
@tramdoodles wrote in her video, “Girlhood joy is experimenting with pre-shower makeup.” Mental health therapist Jane Polinski notes this “gives you a sense of identity.”
Some enjoy playing with exaggerated, messy makeup looks, which are likely liberating. This pre-shower makeup ritual can also be a stress reliever.