smiling young female adult in a pink dress with beautiful long hair
Preppy Accessories Making A Comeback In 2023
“Preppy” can be a broad term and captures various styles, but certain pieces remain iconic regardless of how the term is defined. While some classic preppy clothing pieces like blazers, pleated skirts, and sweater vests have already come back on-trend, nailing the style requires some extra help in the way of accessories — and we’re here to help!
Hair Bows
Although the contribution of hair bows has been around for a long time, adding little bows to your hair has become one of the chicest ways to accessorize lately. You can either go for a large single bow that clips into your hair or tie a bunch of smaller bows to add some preppiness to your look.
Headbands are not only a great visual accessory, but can also come in handy on a bad hair day. From simple headbands to over-the-top embellished pieces, there's plenty to choose from; however, if you want the classic preppy look, reaching out for headbands with a loose bow will do the trick.
If headbands or bows aren’t your things, hair scrunchies are another accessory option to reach for, since they are easy to personalize and come in a variety of colors and prints. Use scrunchies to accessorize your hairstyles, create sleek hair buns, or simply pull your hair up to get it out of your way.
Neck Scarves
Neck scarves are a simple way of adding more color or print to your look while still keeping the outfit polished and elegant. You can opt for softer fabrics like silk for the ultimate preppy vibes and wear your neck scarf in a loose tie — instead of the classic tied-around look — for a more casual aesthetic.