Priscilla Presley and Elvis and their wedding
Priscilla Presley's Signature Eyeliner Style Is Making A Comeback
Top & Bottom
To get Priscilla Presley's signature look, a cat wing is vital. Add a double wing to the bottom lash line and pair it with striking, thick 1960s lashes.
Although Priscilla Presley's jet-black eyeliner is a focal point, you can do a sparkly twist of metallic or glittery cat liner for a fun night out.
Besides her dramatic eyes and a bold lip, Presley's makeup was minimal and natural-looking. Modernize the look with contour, blush, and a bit of bronze eyeshadow for depth.
Though matte pastels were popular in the '60s, reach for a bold, vibrant hue to give you more impact and make your shiny-black cat eye stand out even more.
Instead of a thick cat eye, make a thin line that doesn't extend as far as Presley's. By toning it down, you can have the ideal go-to beauty look for every day.