Pulling Off The Blurred Eyeliner Trend Just Got Easier
Eyeliner is a staple in modern makeup as a way to enhance and elongate your eyes. The blurred eyeliner trend will make your eyes pop, and it’s much easier to apply than you think.
The first step is to draw a wing with a gel liner, and you don’t have to be precise. Then, blend out the wing and go in tighter to your lashline unless you want a smokey look, then use a pencil brush dipped in black eyeshadow and gently pat over the gel liner to smoke out the top.
There are plenty of ways to style this eyeliner, whether you choose to use a different color gel liner or add some glitter for a party look. Blurred liner can also be created with just eyeshadow for a more subtle, everyday look, all you do is use a sharp liner brush and black shadow to create the wing.