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Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Least To Most Careless
12. Careful
Virgos tend to be highly organized perfectionists who are practical to a fault and are consequently extremely responsible people, always careful of how they speak to others.
However, this doesn’t mean they skirt around the truth; on the contrary, they are honest and conscientious people who respect the feelings of others and value the greater good.
11. Disciplined Capricorn
Capricorns are conscientious, responsible individuals who rarely misplace things, like to plan ahead, and can always be relied on.
Therefore, Capricorns have an air of emotional distance and direct way of speaking that can seem careless, but it’s what allows them to notice the little things about a person.
10. Grounded Taurus
Tauruses tend to think before they speak and use common-sense when making decisions; rather than being rash and impulsive, they root themselves in logic and structure.
With a productive schedule full of healthy habits and a naturally long memory, Taureans never forget the little details that might slip through the cracks otherwise.
9. Thoughtful Scorpio
Scorpios are thoughtful people who never subject loved ones to thoughtless comments or acts; they don’t expose others just for the sake of drama or through a lack of foresight.
Being such intuitive, perceptive, and observant people, Scorpios are never careless with their emotions and are a shrewd judge of character, seeing through the phonies and fakes.
8. People-pleasing Libra
Libras value the feelings and experiences of others too highly to ever speak out of pettiness or anger. The opinions of others mean a lot to them, and they want to please everyone.
With a desire to help everyone, Libras often over-commit and end up flaking on plans with loved ones, but only because they’re generous and aren’t great at saying no.