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Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Least To Most Likely To Gossip
Capricorns like to set and stick with boundaries, so they avoid gossip since it would cross those boundaries. This earth sign prefers to be direct when communicating with people.
They don’t want to make enemies, and are too focused on work to talk about others. They are helpers rather than hinderers, and may call you out if you try to gossip with them.
Taureans like to take time to get to know people, and they love to talk, but they’d rather only talk about you or them since they don’t really feel the desire to gossip.
Honesty is important with a Taurus, so tell them if you need to vent about another person, but be prepared for this sturdy sign to cut you off when your talk turns into gossip.
When it comes to gossip, Scorpios are unlikely to start talking about others or even join in on a gossip session unless they're provoked — like getting on their bad side.
This sign fights fire with fire, so if they hear you’re talking bad about them, they might prepare to do the same, but otherwise they’ll have no reason to gossip about you.
Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac, and they can fall into the pit of gossip whenever they get moody, though it’s not their intention to be mean or spiteful.
This water sign will cut the gossip train off if you tell them you're not into it, and they'll be very apologetic. They’d much prefer spending their time in thought than gossiping.
Pisces are the good kind of gossip since they like to focus on the positive. However, they struggle with boundaries, and once they start talking it’s hard for them to stop.
This sign doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and as natural healers they want to help people and lift them up, so they’ll tell someone else if they can’t say it directly.