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Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Least To Most Toxic
Aquarians are compassionate and will put their own issues aside to help someone else, but they can sometimes overlook the ones who are closest to them and make them feel neglected.
If confronted about their aloofness, they might respond sarcastically, which is a toxic trait. They also need to work on holding back compassion from people who have hurt them.
Pisces tend to go with the flow, but if they feel overwhelmed, they will walk away. It might be seen as toxic, but they are used to being there for everyone and deserve a break.
They are overthinkers who can get lost in imagination, which some people might think is lazy. They have a hard time making up their mind, but they’ll get to it in their own time.
A minor toxic trait of a Capricorn is how they sometimes make others feel as if they’re not putting enough work in themselves, but not everyone can work seven days a week.
Some Capricorns have a tendency to put themselves before others, but that’s because they’re trying to get more done so they feel they have more to offer the people in their lives.
The most toxic trait of a Cancer is their inability to control their emotions. They can be moody, and that moodiness may come off completely wrong to the people around them.
Since Cancers tend to repress their emotions, they can be toxic to themselves. Once the floodgates do open, their outbursts can seem self-centered to those who don’t know them.
Virgo likes to play the victim and can spend too much time being critical of themselves and others. These toxic traits can make others feel as if they can do nothing right.
When Virgo does criticize themselves, it lessens their self-esteem and makes them distant. It’s very difficult to change a Virgo’s mind, so it’s best just to agree to disagree.