Beautiful woman with red eyeshadow and lipstick
Red Eyeshadow Is A Stunning Spring Staple. Here's How
To Rock It
Artistic Look
Lean into the boldness of the color red by creating a unique and dramatic eye. Makeup is art, so explore artistic designs with your red shadow, and consider adding more pops of red to your face and completing the look with a red lip to match.
Red Accent
Red eyeshadow can be daunting, especially for those who don’t typically wear red eye makeup. Slowly incorporate this color into your makeup routine, so instead of applying red eyeshadow to your entire eyelid, add a striking red accent that you can pair with gold eyeshadow.
Bright Red
Those who wear red eyeshadow typically want to flaunt it, so make a bold statement by wearing neon red eyeshadow. It may not be appropriate for some work offices or the grocery store, but it’s a lot of fun in the right environment.
Consider leaning into this odd yet undeniably fun fashion and beauty trend by exploring ultra-colorful makeup, such as rainbow-inspired eyeshadow designs. For any rainbow look, you'll need red, giving you another reason to start working with red shadow.
There’s no denying that characters in “Euphoria” have amazing makeup looks, so try out some of their most iconic makeup ideas. Add some face gems, bold eyeliner, and glitter to your already-bold red eyeshadow.