Closeup of a woman holding a hand up to her face to display her red power manicure
Red Nails Are The Ultimate Power Look. Here Are Our Favorite Rouge Manis
Short Red Nails
A classic style to try is short red nails in a bright hue, but you can pick a cold, neutral, or warm-toned red depending on what suits you. A manicure like this suits everyone, no matter what fashion style you're going for or what kind of nail shape you have.
Classic Red Almond
Almond nails are a classy and delicate shape, and painting them in red always looks superb. However, keep in mind that nails like these look less edgy than short red ones, and they look best on those who prefer elegant pieces and have a style that leans more preppy and glam.
Baby French Nails
Baby French nails are a huge hit this year as people are realizing that shorter nails are more practical. A baby French manicure in red adds that firey pop of color without being overwhelming and clashing with any other shades you might want to rock in your outfit.
Red Ombre
Ombre is a way to make nails look more interesting without going for a super difficult design. If you opt for a color similar to your cuticles, to begin with, your nails will still look good after they grow, so the design is practical.
Red Heart Nails
If there's one design that red nail polish is perfect for, it's obviously hearts. They are a timeless symbol that you can wear any time of the year, and you can play around with the design by adding accents and embellishments.