A hairdresser looks annoyed by a rude a customer at a salon
Rude Things Your Hairdresser Wishes You'd Stop Doing At The Salon
Last Minute Changes
When you book a specific treatment or color change, your hairstylist will allocate the appropriate amount of time for that. Asking for something completely different or adding several extra treatments when you arrive at the salon can throw off a hairdresser’s entire day.
Showing Up Sick
Hairdressers work close to their clients, and if you are feeling sick or it is very obvious you're ill, it is best to reschedule. When your hairdresser misses work because of an illness, they lose time and money.
Falling Asleep
The relaxing environment of the salon might make you feel like taking a quick nap but try to avoid it. Your stylist may need to ask several hair-related questions or you could make a sudden, jerking movement in your sleep resulting in a hair disaster.
Showing Up Late
Respect your hairdresser’s schedule by arriving on time for your appointment. If you are running late, call the salon and be honest about your estimated arrival time, that way they know whether to work you in or reschedule.
Expecting Miracles
You need to take your hair color, texture, type, or length into account when choosing your hair goals. For instance, if you have black hair you can’t expect to walk out a platinum blonde after one appointment. Flexibility is essential, and don't argue with the professional who’s there to help you.