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Set Yourself Up For Future Success With Career Cushioning
Career Changes
Between economic uncertainty, job freezes and mass layoffs, many people are starting to be prepared for any scenario. If you are like the many professionals out there not satisfied with how your career is going or worried that you may be expendable, consider career cushioning before you make any sudden changes.
Career Cushioning
Career expert Catherine Fisher explains, "Career cushioning is taking actions to keep your options open and cushioning for whatever comes next in the economy and job market." You can build yourself up in case of change with side hustles, backup plans, e-courses, and upskilling.
Get Clear On Your Goals
First, decide what your goal is — a promotion, new position, financial success, etc. — and write it down. Whether using a vision board, journal, planner, or even just sticky notes, writing down what you want to achieve can be very powerful. Next, research the steps to get to where you want to be, and write them down, too.
Sharpen Your Skills
Employers are starting to put more value on skills than degrees, so improving your skill sets and highlighting them on your resumé is a must. They also use upskilling to teach employees new skills to thrive, but if that’s not available, look for online courses or volunteer work that will add to your expertise.
Use Your Network
Throughout your career, you'll create a social network of people you work with. Communicate with your network in a genuine way, in order to build relationships throughout your professional career so that if one day you need assistance, you’re not just contacting them out of the blue asking for help.