nails with gold nail polish holding nail polish bottle
Seven '90s Manicures Making A Remixed Comeback
Square But Round French Nails
Instead of opting for a typical '90s square nail design, create a rounded French manicure design on your square nail for a chic deception and a modern yet elegant look.
Nude Glossy And Glazed Nails
Glazed nails are one of the hottest nail trends of 2023, so instead of just putting on nude nail polish like supermodels did in the 90s, give your nails some texture and shine too.
Red Chrome Nails
Chrome nails have recently risen in popularity. An ode to the '90s, red chrome nails will give you the same elegance as regular red but with an added texture and shine.
Natural Lip Oil Nails
With lip oils becoming so popular, lip oil nails becoming the new "natural" makes sense. Coat your nails with the lightest shade possible, and top it with a high-shine coat.
Metal Chrome Nails
Everyone’s familiar with the grungy '90s nails painted plain black or silver to mimic a metallic color, but going for high-shine chrome nails instead can take this trend into 2023.