Woman in a wedding dress and short veil
Short Veils Give An Old Hollywood Glamour Look To Your Big Day
The Birdcage Veil
Measuring 35 cm and made from Russian net or translucent tulle, this retro-style veil has a delicate face-covering fabric adorned with lace, pearls, and floral embellishments.
The Blusher Veil
Short, two-tiered blusher veils add a touch of romance that’s reminiscent of the Hollywood golden era. They’re made of tulle and can be separated or fully attached to the veil.
The Lace Veil
Lace veils add timeless glamor to any wedding dress and feature floral patterns, intricate details, and embellishments. Short lace veils gracefully drape over the shoulders.
The Juliet-Cap Veil
The Juliet cap veil creates Hollywood allure with its delicate beadwork, lace additions, and pearls. No matter the style, it will add a touch of elegance with a modern twist.
The Mantilla Veil
Inspired by Spanish lace veils, mantilla veils are worn gracefully over the head, adding grace and sophistication. It rests softly on the forehead and doesn’t add any extra height.