Woman with bright make-up and manicure
Should Eyeliner Or Eyeshadow Come First?
Some people apply eyeliner first to avoid ruining their eyeshadow, while some start with eyeshadow to ensure a flawless finish and save time. But which technique is better?
While both methods have pros and cons, applying eyeshadow first can be a practical solution, especially for those who tend to rush their makeup.
Putting eyeliner on first puts it at risk of being covered or smudged by the eyeshadow, and you might have to go back and retouch the eyeliner to make it perfect.
Even if you manage not to ruin your eyeliner with the eyeshadow, the eyeliner’s sharpness and boldness will likely be diminished.
To achieve a flawless eye makeup look, using eyeshadow primer can enhance the color and create an even texture. Clean makeup tools are essential for a perfect look.