Should The 'Quiet Quitting' Trend Be Applied To Your Dating Life Too?
The term “quiet quitting” originated from TikTok user @zaidleppelin who defines this as “not outright quitting your job” but “quitting the idea of going above and beyond.” This concept can also apply to your dating life, because we all know searching for that forever person can be draining.
Your time is precious, so before you even talk to someone, give yourself a set of defined values that are non-negotiable; if you’re looking for someone who is mature, honest, and respectful, you’ll know when to walk away if they don’t match these values. Instead of scrolling for hours trying to find someone, establish a time frame, like 20 minutes, and move on once this time is up.
If finding a special someone has taken an emotional toll on you, you should take a break and give yourself some time. Quiet quitting while dating gives you time to step back and allow yourself to not be overly frustrated or anxious, and it never hurts to take a quick break from your search to focus on yourself.