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Should You Wear A Bra With A Corset Top?
The modern fashion corset adds a touch of femininity and sexiness to any outfit. But because most corsets have thin straps (or no straps at all) the question of whether you should wear a bra with a corset often arises. The answer all comes down to support.
Overbust Corset
An overbust corset covers your breasts and often offers support and lift on its own through boning which is hard, thin pieces of plastic that create the corset’s shape and structure. Corsets have wires that are similar to a bra, so you do not need to wear an extra bra.
Underbust Corset
An underbust corset sits on the midsection and does not cover the breast or offer support, so you’ll want to wear a bra with it. To find out which bras will pair best with underbust corsets click the ‘Read Full Story’ link below.