Woman taking care of her body after bath
Shower Sandwiching Promises To Provide Silky, Smooth Skin.
Here's How To Do It
If there is one thing getting us all through the chilly months, it is a strict and rigorous winter moisturizing routine, because no one's enjoying the flaky, dull, and lackluster look of skin commonly experienced these days. Luckily, there’s a new hack to retain your skin’s moisture called shower sandwiching, and here’s how to do it.
Shower sandwiching consists of slathering your body with oils before and after each shower, so before you hop in the shower, apply your favorite body oil all over your body. Once you are out of the shower, gently dab your body with a towel and apply a new layer of body oil on slightly damp skin, allowing your skin to soak up the oil and create a healthy skin barrier.
Dermatologists ‌support this approach and its advantages, because it is suitable for all skin types and its notable reduction in water loss and enhancement in the skin's capacity to absorb and lock in moisture. Consider using a thinner, water-based moisturizer if you have oily skin and are concerned about the oil clogging your pores.