Signs That You're In A Healthy Relationship
Trust is one of the most crucial aspects of any relationship, and most people know when they have it — and when they don’t. The Gottman Institute says that being accountable to your partner, being transparent with your intentions, and being honest about your mistakes can help heal old wounds and nurture a new foundation of trust.
For some, respect means simply holding a great admiration for their partner, while for others it means making conscious behaviors that support their partner's choices, emotions, feelings, or opinions, even if you don't necessarily agree with them. Respect can grow and change with the relationship, but no healthy partnership can exist without it.
Good communication means honesty, vulnerability, and "fighting" fair. Licensed marriage therapist Sarah Epstein states that "Healthy communication helps couples de-escalate a situation, stay calm under stress, use humor appropriately, apologize effectively, and make partners feel heard and understood."
Boundaries can vary between simple asks and physical actions and will help define what is acceptable or unacceptable, reduce codependent habits, and ensure physical and emotional comfort. By clarifying the responsibilities each person in the relationship shares and expects, boundaries reinforce foundations of trust and respect.
Time Apart
In a healthy relationship, both partners can spend time with friends and participate in hobbies they enjoy without fearing what the other person will say or do. Alexa Couples Therapy notes that alone time in a relationship helps each person maintain their individual identity and sense of control over their own lives.