A woman is sitting at the window in the autumn. Its cold outside. She drinks a cup of tea. She is sick and lonely.
Signs You Haven't Found The One
Not Being Exclusive
A lot of people know whether or not they want to become exclusive with someone early on. If your partner keeps dodging the conversation, you have reason to be doubtful of them and their intentions.
Fear Of Being Alone
It's better to leave an unhappy relationship than to stay in one out of the fear that you won't meet someone else who could be way better. It's possible that you'll struggle in the dating world, but you’re allowing yourself to have new opportunities instead of being trapped in something that isn’t working.
No Physical Attraction
If you don't find them physically attractive, it might be difficult for you to think of that person as anything more than a friend. You can absolutely adore someone's personality, find them hilarious, and enjoy their company, but it might be time to reevaluate if the relationship is still worth your time.
Feeling Bored
All relationships go through dry spells, but it becomes more of a serious issue if you feel like you've been bored with your partner for a prolonged amount of time with no end in sight. It shouldn't be your job to make things interesting; they need to be putting forth some effort, too.
Break Up / Make Up
There's nothing stable or secure about a relationship that is constantly crumbling and falling apart, and this vicious cycle is more toxic than you might realize. Even if you both can agree that it feels better to be back together, the consistent breakups you're putting yourselves through are weakening your bond.