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Signs You May Be Falling Out Of Love
They Embarrass You
If your partner’s quirks that you once considered cute are starting to make you cringe, it probably means your feelings about them have changed. Regardless of why you feel embarrassed by your partner, it might be time for a breakup, since everyone deserves to be with someone they’re proud of.
You Want To Date Others
Thinking about dating other people while still in your current relationship is a huge sign that you’re falling out of love. It’s normal to develop a crush on someone else, but if you’re spending time daydreaming about what it would be like to actually date them, it’s not fair to you or your partner to stay in your unfulfilling relationship.
You Avoid Physical Intimacy
When the idea of having sex with your partner is turning you off, you probably should end the relationship as soon as possible. Staying together after intimacy has disappeared can leave your partner feeling hurt and rejected while you feel guilty or anxious; it’s a lose-lose situation.
You Get The Ick
The “ick” is when little things your partner does start to annoy, disgust, or anger you, making you feel like you’d rather be dating anyone else. You’ll know it’s time to move on if you start hating the way they talk, the way they chew, or their general behavior.
Not In Your Future Plans
If you find yourself envisioning the future without your partner in mind, you’re probably falling out of love. When you have no interest at all in setting up future plans with your partner, you're ultimately wasting each other’s time because the relationship is headed nowhere.