selfie photo of a group of happy friends
Signs Your Friends Really Are Rooting For You
1. They Don’t See You As A Rival
A friend who is really rooting for you does not try to compete with you in everything. You can tell a friend is over-competitive when they must have everything you have.
If you’re uncomfortable with your friend’s combative vibes, let them know by giving them specific examples. If they can’t convincingly explain their behavior, they’re not for you.
2. They Don’t Belittle You
A true friend might point out your shortcomings, but they’ll never kick you when you’re down. When they tell you what’s not right in your life, they’ll give you actionable advice.
A friend is not rooting for you when they get hyper-critical of you and tell you things that make you feel bad about yourself, only to say they have nothing but good intentions.
3. They Show Up During Important Moments
A friend who shows up is willing to be inconvenienced to help you out. They may spot you when you’re short on cash, babysit your kids, or offer you a shoulder to cry on.
It’s important to let people know what your expectations are, but if your friend knows what's important to you yet refuses to show up, they don't respect your friendship.