Signs Your Partner Is Preparing To Break Up With You
Won’t Discuss The Future
One indicator that your partner is drifting away is if they seem hesitant to make plans too far into the future or to discuss what a future together would look like. According to clinical counselor Trisha Wolfe, this might be a way for your partner to ease you into the idea of breaking up, or of confirming for themselves that they’re ready to split.
Future Plans Don’t Align
If you and your partner have given topics like marriage and children ample discussion and aren’t able to come to a compromise that you are both happy with, it’s usually a clear sign that the relationship has run its course. Love isn’t always enough to make a relationship work, and sometimes, plans for the future simply don’t align.
They Don’t Prioritize You
While you shouldn’t be concerned about your partner choosing to spend time with friends or family, if it seems like they’re avoiding you, it’s possible they are no longer invested in the relationship. Trisha Wolfe notes that your partner might also be strengthening the support systems they’ll need once the relationship ends.
They Don't Open Up To You
If your partner is normally present in conversations but now barely bothers to ask you how your day was, or if they stop sharing about their own life, there’s a chance they’re pulling away. Relationship expert Dr. Nikki Goldstein suggests giving your partner space when this happens to “see if they come back.”
No Physical Intimacy
While sex drive and activity can change over the course of a relationship, if your partner no longer shows interest in being physically intimate with you, it might be cause for concern. Trisha Wolfe notes, “this can happen if you’ve already emotionally ended the relationship [...] you’re just logistically preparing to break up.”