Signs Your Partner May
Be Having
An Emotional Affair
Taking Calls In Other Rooms
If your partner is always taking calls without you in earshot, that is a huge sign they may be having an emotional affair. Everyone deserves a degree of privacy in a relationship, but if your partner is more comfortable talking about heartfelt subjects and sentimental topics without you, that’s a red flag.
Keeping Phone Face Down
The U.S. Sun explains that a phone laid face down is a huge indicator that something shady could be going on since someone who has nothing to hide doesn’t need to conceal their phone screen. Inquiring about this habit doesn’t need to cause a fight, and you deserve to have peace of mind on the subject.
Suddenly Changing Passcodes
The biggest reason anyone would change their passcodes and passwords is to make sure their secrets stay under wraps. According to Panda Gossips, this is a sign your partner could be having an emotional affair; if you notice that they get nervous anytime you see their phone screen, that’s another bad sign.
Not Opening Up To You
Healthy relationships are safe spaces for two people to be totally vulnerable with each other, so if your partner is no longer opening up to you, something could be amiss. If you notice that they are choosing to lean on someone else to assuage their vulnerabilities, that’s a tell-tale sign of emotional cheating.
You Have To Seek Attention
In a healthy relationship, you shouldn’t feel the need to seek attention from your partner, so if it feels like you have to do so, it’s possible they’re having an emotional affair. Not getting enough attention from your partner can make you wonder where their attention has shifted, leading to trust issues.