Signs You're Moving Too Fast In Your Relationship
Wanting To Move In Right Away
If your relationship just started and your partner is already wanting to move in together, you might have a major problem on your hands. The relationship experts at Up Journey suggest waiting at least a year before moving in together and never due to the convenience of sharing expenses.
Pressure To Meet Your Friends
Introducing your new partner to your friends only becomes a problem if they’re pressuring you to do so before you're ready. Your new partner might believe want to ingratiate themselves with your inner circle as a way to force a bond with you, so most experts suggest waiting three months before friend group introductions.
Pressure To Meet Your Family
The amount of time you've been dating isn't the best way to gauge when to make family introductions. It really comes down to how you're feeling about the person, but keep in mind that parents and other family members might become emotionally invested making everything more complicated.
Discussing Marriage Too Soon
If your relationship is still incredibly new and your partner is already discussing marriage, it could be a huge red flag. While it's fair to bring up marriage early on if it's a nonnegotiable for you down the line, it's not something brand-new partners should be harping on within the first few weeks.
Discussing Kids Too Soon
Sharing a child with someone bonds you to them for life, even beyond the child's 18th birthday. It's smart to make sure you and your partner are on the same page about having kids early on because if you're not, it can be a dealbreaker. But if they're already pushing you to get started on a pregnancy journey right away, things are moving too fast.