Signs You're Rebounding After A Breakup
Quick Relationship
A sign that you’re in a rebound relationship can be that you entered a new relationship very quickly after a breakup. You’d be spending all of your time with this new person without getting to know them on a deeper level.
About Your Ex
While it is normal to think about your ex sometimes, your new relationship can be a rebound if you are constantly thinking and talking about them. You might even be comparing your new partner to your ex, which isn’t fair to the person in your new relationship.
Sex Component
In a rebound relationship, you might only be craving the sexual aspect. When you get out of a long-term relationship, your body goes through a chemical withdrawal process, so you crave another person’s contact to help you release oxytocin into your bloodstream.
Emotionally Distant
Your relationship is a rebound if you are emotionally distant and only in it for the sexual release it gives you. You can be emotionally unavailable because you aren’t over your ex and just keep thinking about them.
Social Media Takeover
The equivalent of parading your new relationship all over town is to show them off all over social media. It’s normal to want to show off your relationship, but only when it’s solid and secure; for a rebound, you just want to show your ex that you’re happy and thriving.