Singles Are Reverting Back To A Tried-And-True Way To Meet Others In 2023
If you are ready to give up on online dating you’re in luck since dating experts told The Knot that singles will be embracing more IRL meet-cutes in 2023. Merriam-Webster defines a meet-cute as “a cute, charming, or amusing first encounter between romantic partners,” and this movie trope can become a reality as long as you put in a little effort.
To start meeting people the old-fashioned way, focus on being fully present when you’re out in public and make sure not to be buried in your phone so that you can connect with others around you. Because meet-cutes are serendipitous by nature, anywhere you enjoy hanging out is fair game, like a local coffee shop, neighborhood park, or community class.
You can also boost the likelihood of a meet-cute by immersing yourself in group activities and approaching someone that interests you or by spending more time with friends who could introduce you to a potential match. Traveling is another great way to find a meet-cute while hopping on the wanderlove trend.