A hand holding a white and blue Stanley cup against a blurred background.
So, Your Stanley Cup Contains Lead - Now What?
The viral Stanley cup with vacuum insulation technology has raised concerns among collectors due to the presence of lead in its sealing material, potentially posing health risks.
Competitors like Hydro Flask have capitalized on the situation by emphasizing their lead-free production processes, sparking a broader conversation about the product’s safety.
In the wake of people testing their tumblers for lead, a Stanley spokesperson told Today, “Our [...] teams are making progress on innovative, alternative materials for use.”
Additionally, Stanley has assured consumers that the lead in the sealing material is inaccessible due to a stainless steel layer and confirms no direct contact is possible.
The risk of lead poisoning from using undamaged Stanley tumblers is low since the sealing piece is on the outside of the cup, but caution is warranted.
If the lead piece is exposed or enters the main compartment, stop using your Stanley cup and seek medical advice to mitigate any potential risks associated with lead exposure.