someone under the shower without clothes washing their hair
Some People Are Shampooing Their Hair Twice, But Why (& Is It Right For You)?
Shampooing your hair leads to a healthy scalp, as shampoo gets rid of a buildup of dirt, oils, and dead skin cells that can block your hair follicles and create broken hair strands. One of the latest hair care trends to remix our hair care routines is to shampoo twice, or the method of double shampooing, but you have to find out if it’s right for you.
As it sounds, double shampooing involves shampooing your hair twice in the same shower session. The first shampoo cycle rinses and cleanses the scalp of product buildup, oils, and dirt, while the second shampoo focuses on rinsing any debris that may still be stuck on your hair strands, which will help remove extra debris and oil.
Oily hair types have more oils to remove, thus double shampooing may be worthwhile to do occasionally in order to remove the extra sebum left on your scalp. If you have dry, damaged, or thin hair, or if you wash your hair daily, double shampooing may be too harsh and strip your hair of its natural oils.