Spilling The Tea On 16 Celebrity Skincare Lines
Rhode Skin
Hailey Bieber launched Rhode Skin in 2022, and was quickly sued for trademark infringement by a fashion brand of the same name. The judge ruled in Hailey’s favor since her middle name is “Rhode” — though her star-power also may have helped.
Kylie Skin
Spilling the tea on Kylie Skin begins with the release of her walnut facial scrub, which contains tiny walnut pieces that have been deemed detrimental and dangerous to your skin. Kylie has not responded to the negative backlash, and still sells the scrub for $22.
Fenty Skin
Rihanna’s skincare brand, Fenty Skin, has been accused of using Phenoxyethanol. This ingredient isn’t considered earth conscious and is known to cause allergic reactions; however, Fenty Skin products with Phenoxyethanol are still on the market.
SKKN by Kim
SKKN by Kim has been around since 2022, and has been accused of copying SKN by Lori Harvey, which started in 2021. Kim Kardashian also faced a lawsuit against a cosmetics company that’ve owned the rights to SKKN+ since 2018, but the case was dismissed.
JLo Beauty
The only real tea about Jennifer Lopez’s JLo Beauty revolves around an Instagram troll who claimed that JLo’s youthfulness comes from consistent Botox, not her skincare products. Lopez refuted the claim, saying that she’s never received any injectables or plastic surgery.