Beautiful woman spraying water on her face
Spray-On Skincare Is A Huge Trend But It Has A Large Weak Spot
From spray-on toners to spritzer sunscreens, just about every skincare product you can imagine is now available in a mist form. While it can be relaxing, refreshing, and convenient, is spray-on skincare truly the way forward, or should we stick to our old standbys?
Face mists aren’t a replacement for traditional moisturizing products or serums, and while they are moving from simple jobs to more complex jobs, they should be used as a supplement to your skincare routine, rather than a foundational component. This is because they will practically vanish into the air if you don't apply a moisturizer, which will pull moisture from your skin.
Dermatologists recommend taking extra precautions and rubbing the product into your skin after you spray to make sure you’re not missing any spots. If you’re looking to protect your skin barrier, use the sandwich method — apply spray-on skincare before and after your standard moisturizer to seal in hydration.