Closeup of a simple behind the ear tattoo of a young woman
Stick And Poke Tattoos: Are They Worth The Risk?
Stick and poke tattoos are done by applying the ink manually using a sterile needle. People love stick and poke tattoos for the time and detail that goes into the process.
This form of tattooing may have a bad rap because of its DIY vibe, but stick and poke tattoos are perfectly safe as long as they are done correctly in sanitary conditions.
They can be great first tattoos because they are said to hurt less than machines and have an easier time healing. But, you may still experience itching, scabbing, and swelling.
Any type of tattooing should be left to the professionals since they have the right tools and training to prevent cross-contamination or infection.
As long as you follow proper care instruction and find a tattoo artist you trust, your stick and poke tattoo will turn out great, and will definitely be worth it.