Hand with strawberry and daisy painted nails
Strawberry Nails Are The Fruity Manicure To Try This Summer
Strawberry Fields
Fruits and flowers simply work together. This strawberry and daisy manicure is quaint with its flowers and berries, and the leaves tie the look together.
Strawberry Milk
This look combines two trends into one. The two middle nails have a creamy, slightly translucent polish and a fun cow print paired with a strawberry accent nail.
Pink And Red
Besides red strawberries, try using colors like pink for an animated yet realistic look. You can go for a full nail base or opt for a subtler French manicure.
This chocolate-dipped strawberry manicure is deliciously sultry and passionate, perfect for a romantic Valentine's Day or anniversary date.
Sparkling Strawberries
These nails resemble strawberries in champagne, and the bright pink base feels extra girly. Try this eye-catching look with a sparkly dress on a night out.