Woman walking down the sidewalk wearing long green trench coat with a red scarf
Styling Silk Scarves To Keep Yourself Warm In Colder Weather Is A Breeze
While we love oversized scarves, silk scarves offer a refined option (whether it's 100% silk or just looks like it). Whether you feel the urge to make a bold statement or you'd rather be more understated, here are some ideas for styling your silk scarves.
Turtlenecks are great at keeping you warm on their own, but paired with a silk scarf, you’ve got a stylish combo that will also keep your neck cozy. You can play with colors or you can stick with neutrals making your outfit feel calming and scaled back.
Extra detail gives your clothes more allure, so consider wearing a silk scarf with tassel details. It’ll give you a preppy look while also feeling luxurious, and it’s perfect if you want the look of a traditional winter scarf with a lightweight feel.
Over A Hat
Aside from protecting you from the elements, wearing a silk scarf wrapped around your head and neck has to be one of the fiercest ways to elevate a baseball cap. Fusing chic with sporty, two seemingly contradictory looks, will look informed and worldly, when done well.
Over Your Bag
You don’t need to wear a silk scarf to be able to incorporate it into your ensemble, you can also tie it to your purse. In the picture above you can see how the scarf livens up a leather handbag, and the orange and white print adds some visual complexity to the solid-color bag.