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Styling Trousers Outside The Office Isn't A Hassle With These Tips
Half-tucked Shirt
For a comfortable and casual day out, pair your trousers with a buttoned-up shirt. The trick is to tuck one side into your trousers so it looks purposefully undone before you complete your outfit with a pair of work pumps or casual shoes, depending on how dressed up you want to look.
Trousers are ideal for fall and winter, which means a turtleneck is a perfect accompaniment to your favorite pair. If you want a sleeker silhouette, opt for a form-fitting turtleneck; however, go for a looser turtleneck if you prefer a more casual and flowy look instead.
Slouchy Sweater
A cozy sweater and trousers are a faultless pair for the perfect everyday look. While a slouchy sweater makes the outfit much more casual and great for running errands or hanging out with friends, pairing your trousers with a form-fitting sweater can give you a sexier look for a night out.
Sweater Vest
Sweater vests not only complement the overall preppy feel of a pair of trousers but can also take a turtleneck, long-sleeve shirt, or collared shirt from plain to posh. Since they're usually knitted, a sweater vest is great for layering and can add a bit of an enviable texture to an outfit as well.
Layered Sweaters
If your sweater feels plain, layering different sweaters with your trousers can help kick things up a notch. You can either opt for a combination of a thin sweater and cardigan, a thicker sweater and a poncho, or just two different jackets to add textures and personality to an otherwise regular outfit.