Closeup of a woman wearing silver earrings and necklace
Stylish Ways To Wear Silver Jewelry In 2023
Thick Silver Hoops
No matter what event or situation, a good pair of hoops will decorate your ears and add subtle sophistication to your attire. To mix it up this season, give your hoops an upgrade by opting for thicker and chunkier styles.
Stack Up On Rings
Just one ring isn't enough this year; to really dive into the silver trend, you'll need to add a few more pieces to your hands. Make sure all the rings your wear are silver for a cohesive look and if statement rings aren’t your speed, sporting numerous silver rings will add some excitement to your aesthetic.
Statement Silver Necklaces
Switch out your simple silver chain for a statement necklace to become the focal point of your outfit. With more trends favoring these types of pieces, it shouldn't be difficult to find an artistic and creative silver necklace that you'll love.