Woman looks frustrated as she sits on a couch with her head in her hand
Submarining: What To Know About The Frustrating Dating Trend
You might recognize ghosting or benching when it comes to dating, but submarining is a new one to add to your dating dictionary. Submarining is when you’ve been talking to someone, or are an item, and they suddenly disappear before resurfacing — like a submarine — without a reason and then try to weasel back into your life.
Submarining is an indication of narcissistic behavior as narcissists are known to break up with a person, resurface, and do the same thing all over again. This type of person doesn’t possess the empathy to recognize their toxic behavior, which is why they come and go in your life, and is a clear sign they don’t value you or your time.
When someone is submarining you, they don’t care about your feelings at all, so you need to take back your power and cut off contact. Given the chance, that person would continue to repeat their behavior and they need to understand that you’re not a doormat, so they’ll eventually get bored and leave you alone.